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Before we were actually able to start working on the NOTICE ME project, we had to rebrand the whole book and created a new book cover, which we hope to be a much better fit for English speaking markets. The book, which was published in Slovenia in June 2016, has had a different title and also totally different cover. Why is that? First of all, the book title was originally “Pojedla sem anoreksijo” – the English translation of this phrase is “I ate anorexia” which sounds awful if according to our whole team and the majority of book readers. There was no option that we move forward with this title and that is why we have chosen another one for  the English edition of the book. New title, after long discussions, to find the best possible title – NOTICE ME was selected. The title describes her story perfectly and you will be able to understand the connection as soon as you read the first few pages of the book.

designing book cover

After the new book title was chosen, we had another task to take care of. We had to create the new book cover and believe me, we had to spend a lot of time trying to find the best fit. We took a lot of different ideas into discussion and in the end we all agreed that we will took a photo of Špela, looking through a window into the world, where everything is moving and people have already found their purpose, but she is alone in her world, thinking about her problems.

Taking a photo for a book cover was quite a project, but in the end, Špela, together with our photographer, managed to do amazing job. When the picture was ready, all we had left was to create the book cover using smart computer programs. That process was also very interesting and filled with fun. If you are following this blog the blog we are writing, you will notice that we use word “fun” very often and that is simply because we are really having a lot of fun preparing everything for this project. I believe that this is very important and if we keep on going this way, we all will have a lot of positive words about the process to make this project a reality.

When the book cover was finished, we had to chose the cover of the book cover, blue or red cover. Of course that decision was my sister’s. Spela and many in our team, decided on red book cover. That was settled very quickly. I would like to add that we are very proud of the final product and we hope that the English readers will also share this opinion with us.

book cover rebrandingGreetings,

Žiga K.

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