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Cookies are short text files used by most websites and stored on devices website visitors use to access the Internet in order to recognize these devices.


Placed by Cookie Name Description How long does the cookie remain? moove_gdpr_popup These Cookies are used to save your Cookie Setting Preferences.


1 year
Google Analytics _ga



These cookies are used to gather information using Google Analytics services allowing us to understand interactions with our websites and ultimately refine that experience to better serve you.


Up to 2 years
Option Forms  fca_eoi_pagecount When this Cookie is enabled, these Cookies are used to track the number of page views.


Mailchimp _AVESTA_ENVIRONMENT This cookie is used by our email newsletter service provider (Mailchimp). Used when signing up to our email service. End of the

browser session

Facebook fr This cookie is used for advertising purposes. 3 months



Technical cookies: These include cookies necessary for basic navigation on our website. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website. They ensure uninterrupted browsing on our website and allow you to visit other websites while browsing this one. Technical cookies are required for the website to recognize you during login and logout, and also contribute to increased safety for our website visitors. The use of technical cookies complies with applicable regulation.

Functional cookies: These cookies store settings that you selected on our website. The website records your settings, thus significantly contributing to the speed of website operation upon subsequent visits. Your visit to our website is thus more pleasant, and the website offers services based on your priority interest.

Functional cookies also record the most often used websites, allowing linking with social networks. Without these cookies, browsing would be slowed, advertising messages displayed would not match your interests, and you would not be able to link with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Advertising cookies: Using advertising cookies, we collect information that allows us to adjust advertising messages to your interests. Information is collected on our website and other websites. The information collected is not associated with your personal data that you might have submitted on our website, but is anonymous – only associated with interests. Based on these cookies, we can present products that might interest you. If these cookies are disabled, the advertising messages will no longer match your interests.

Analytical cookies: These cookies collect information on your use of our website (which pages you visited, time spent on a specific page, which products you looked at, which texts you read, which videos you viewed, etc.). All information collected is used exclusively for measuring the effectiveness of our website and improving its contents, based on users’ interests.


In the event that you decide to change how your browser uses cookies, you can do so by changing browser settings.

Most browsers allow the user to reject or accept all cookies or to accept only specific cookies; alternatively, the browser can also prompt the user to allow or reject cookies for a specific website on every visit.

The procedure for deleting cookies varies by browser used. For instructions on deleting cookies, we recommend you use your browser’s help option, where you will find the instructions for deleting the cookies in your browser.

You can read more about cookies and the cookie policy on our website in our Privacy Policy.

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