Where can I subscribe to your newsletter?

If you want to make sure to stay informed about project updates, you can follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and we highly recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter, which you can do by using this form.

Will the book be available in any other languages?

The book is available in Slovene since June 2016, and if we manage to raise enough money through crowdfunding it will be available in English at the start of 2019.

If I support you on Kickstarter, when will I receive the book?

We are planning to finish our crowdfunding campaign in November 2018 by raising enough money to translate the book into English. If successful, we expect to ship the first books to our backers in February 2019.

How can I support your project?

If you understand Slovenian language, you can buy Slovenian edition of book by visiting www.spelakranjec.com. If you want to wait for English version of the book, you will have to wait until project will be live on Kickstarter, which is planed for october 1. in 2018, where you will be able to buy it with some discount. In the mean time we suggest you to join our newsletter, to stay informed about different updates and news. You can subscribe using this form and you can also read free chapter, which you will find here.

If you understand Slovene, you can buy the Slovene edition at www.spelakranjec.com. If you want the English edition, you will have to wait until the project is live on Kickstarter – which is planned for October 1, 2018 – where you will be able to buy it with a discount. In the meantime, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about different updates and news. You can subscribe using this form. You can also read the free chapter, which you will find here.

Can I buy the book cheaper on Kickstarter?

Yes, the price of the book on Kickstarter will be lower than its normal retail price. We do not yet have the information on its exact price, but there will certainly be a discount.

Can you send the book to my country?

We intend to be prepared for shipping throughout the world, so we believe there will be no problems in this regard. If you would like to get precise information about this question, please contact us directly so we can check for your specific case. All contact information is available here.

Where can I buy the book?

Until we successfully raise money on Kickstarter, we are not selling this book, because it iss not yet translated and printed. You will be able to order the book on Kickstarter with a discount. The projected date for the start of our campaign is October 1, 2018.

Can you inform me about the start of your Kickstarter campaign?

Sure! Subscribe to our newsletter by using this form, and we will email you when we are live on Kickstarter. You can also follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

When will I be able to buy your book?

The planned start of the Kickstarter campaign is October 1, 2018. NOTICE ME will be available for pre-orders on that date.

What’s the price of the book?

The price for the English edition is not yet set. We will update this answer as soon as we have the information available.

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