If I would know, that I will have to appear in front of the camera, I would never have had anorexia!
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kickstarter video

While I was sitting on this “fatal” Sunday on a bargain wooden bridge along the well-known Slovene lake and all around me were waiting, that from my bad English pronunciation and not really knowing how to act, create a video for my Kickstarter campaign, I wished aloud that I would never have had anorexia. It was half a joke, and half was of course meant for real – because for the past few weeks this video was a nightmare for me! How will I, someone, who somethimes barely understands himself when speaking English, now speak in front of the camera for around 3 minutes?! I practiced at home in front of a mirror and made fun of myself, because I was quite funny with all this.

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As soon as I pronounced the first word, and as soon as everyone around me was positively surprised by the first attempt, I relaxed. I decided to do something fun with the whole situation! And actually it was not so hard! I had a great team around me so the video could not actually fail. We had an amazing camerman with us, in front of whom you really feel relaxed during filming. We had gifted stylist – my brother’s girlfriend – with us, which made me a real beauty. There was also my best friend, which made everyone laugh, then my boyfriend and English trainer, who is probably very happy, that he won’t have to listen for me preparing for this video at home anymore, and of course my brother and I – the initiators of the project. Oh, and of course, my dog – the main actor, who definitely does not have a stage fright 😉

We all together filmed some amazing scenes and I still enjoy remembering this beautiful Sunday – yes, we have literally spent the whole day filming! And I must admit that, despite the fact that it was horrible to experience anorexia, nowadays the decision for being happy brings me a lot of beautiful moments worth keeping in my memory… So I know that it was worth fighting and so I will continue to strive to enjoy each day separately to the max! 

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