My hobies and free time
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I actually spend my day pretty much the same as I did when I had anorexia. I eat. And I exercise. Only now those two things have a much different meaning as before. And, logically, they aren’t the only two things in the whole day as before. Now I love food and enjoy eating. I am not afraid of events anymore because there will be food and I will, again, need to search for excuses why I won’t eat. Or, even more terrifying, I will actually have to eat and then I will have to find the way to remove all of those calories from my body. Now I am aware that on every event, there will be a huge choice of delicious food, which I will hardly be able to wait to try. I will probably go home full, but who would even care – a few bites won’t harm me. I also love sports. Only now, I practice the kind of sports that interest me and make me happy. And that sport, first in line, is hiking. I don’t go to the mountains with purpose to lose weight, I go to fill myself with happiness, to release the stress and to spend time with my boyfriend and dog. Believe me, the feeling once you reach the top is priceless.


So, I enjoy in candy and biscuits, I exercise only for pleasure, I don’t have a flat stomach, but I am much happier than I was before. And I also obtain a lot of extra time, which I can spend for personal projects and people I care about.


Now life proved to me that I had a totally wrong idea of how to become successful. Skinny body, dry skin and sad eyes weren’t helpful at all. Even avoiding people and saying »no« to every opportunity couldn’t bring me something new and inspiring. It’s much simpler than it looks – if you wish for something, work for it. Specifically, for it. Now I dedicated a fortune of my free time to work on two projects that will hopefully become a business. And I enjoy it! I enjoy every minute of my life, even if there are moments when life isn’t easy and I have to try and solve the problems, so they don’t destroy my happiness again.


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