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I must say, building a web page is really not so simple as you may think. Ok, building a web page is nothing special today, because you have a lot of pre-build designs and a lot of plug-ins which you can use to create whatever you want. The biggest challenge is to create a web page that looks great and has a lot of good content. When we decided to create a web page for the NOTICE ME project, we thought it will take no longer than a few weeks, but with a lot of different tasks we face on daily basis, we had quite a some trouble finding the time to finish the web page on which you are right now. But as you can see, we have finally managed to finish it and are ready to move forward with this project even faster.

mockup web page

For start, I would like to highlight that we really had a lot of great time working on this web page project, because we were constantly trying new things, creating new pictures and trying different layouts. We spend a lot of time testing and trying different approaches, but looking back now, I can say that we really designed something we can all be really proud of.

The web page is designed in a simple and easy way to read. We wanted to create as clean web page as possible, because we would like to focus on my sister’s story and not so much on other aspects of the project. Her story is the main focus and this is a team policy which we try to follow every step of the way.

mockup mobile

Building a strategy for a web page and testing the ideas is what took the most time. We learned a lot in the process and got a few new ideas which we are going to implement in our project as well. Brainstorming is something that gave us a lot of new ideas.  We never even imagined that a web page design strategy will open so many new possibilities to make the project even better and to spread my sister’s story even more successfully.

In front of us is still a very long way to go, but we are confident and working hard every single day to make this project live as fast as possible and to ship first English edition as fast as possible so stay with us, because we are coming with new interesting updates in a short period of time.


Žiga K.

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