Need our logo? Here you have both logos that we use for this project. Select the one you need below and download it. Please also see our Brand book to learn how you can use them.

PNG | PDF (Vector) PNG | PDF (Vector)

Here’s a few guidelines about the NOTICE ME and Spela Kranjec self-publishing branding specifics. We require anyone using our brand materials to use them respectfully and we do not allow changing them in anyway.  Let us know if you need any help with it.


Our brand image is very important to us so we always make sure this section keeps photo materials of high quality. Feel free to use them when writing about our project. Before using our image materials please make sure you give us the photo credits (ex. Photo credits: NOTICE ME: My 9-year struggle against anorexia, www.notice-me.net, Spela Kranjec s.p.)


If you like our project and you would like to write about us, do not hesitate to do so. We love bloggers who are passionate about this topic, so we encourage you to spred the word around the world and help us to bring this project to live.

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