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My sister had a lot of problems with anorexia in her past. Our whole family remains very proud that she made it through and started to truly love herself and her life. She wrote an amazing book which helped her leave anorexia behind and move forward with her life. We were all very excited waiting to receive our copy and we immediately started reading her words. When we started to read, we simply couldn’t stop until there were no pages left. We were left stunned by everything she wrote. We lived with her those nine years she was suffering from anorexia, but we didn’t know until we read the book how she really felt, what she was going through mentally and how much strength she needed to make it through this hell.

The book is simply amazing and I really believe it can be a big help to someone who is trying to help someone who is fighting anorexia or another eating disorder. Špela published her book in Slovenia in summer 2016, and when she received first responses from her readers we all knew that this book has huge potential and that’s why we decided to translate it into English. So many others will be able to read Špela’s story and understand how it feels to suffer from anorexia, the first step that you have to take to overcome this eating disorder.

How to raise money for translating book in English?

Most people would say she should use money from the books that were sold here in Slovenia, costs for translating and promoting a book abroad are high, so her project needs a little push to turn this vision into reality. Kickstarter is possibly the most famous crowdfunding platform around and we believe that we could raise the funds she needs to bring her story to many countries all over the world. The decision to make a Kickstarter campaign was quickly made and strategy talks became an everyday habit for us. We started visiting different seminars, start-up talks and also attended a lot of Kickstarter meet-ups here in Slovenia. We were striving to collect as much information as possible and also began building a team which would be able to turn this project to reality.

Preparing Kickstarter campaign

From the start we made the decision to rebrand the book so it will be more suitable for English speaking markets. We made some big changes after taking a lot of serious meetings with different specialists in this area. We spent a lot of time designing a new book cover, a new visual which will represent this project. We also spent a huge amount of time finding the right marketing channels, which will play a crucial part. We started to work on this project on a daily basis, making time around our full time jobs. It’s not easy, but we are determined to make this project a success.

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