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This is a project which actually started in 2006 when my sister, Špela, was first diagnosed with anorexia. For nine long years she was fighting a battle against her biggest enemy – herself. After she finally defeated anorexia, permanently, she got the idea of writing a book and she immediately started work on this project. This was in the summer of 2015 and it took almost a year to finish retelling her story. When she finished writing she made many corrections, over and over, until the final product was the best possible version. Špela now has a book of which she really should take pride because it’s very well written book, one which we all believe will have a big impact in the fight against anorexia across the world.

June 2016 – Book published in Slovenian language

This was a big day for my sisters project. Her book finally reached publication at her self publishing firm in Slovenia. Špela’s book was also made available on her website, allowing the work to reach its audience as fast as possible. In the meantime, she started talking with a Slovenian distributor to reach readers across our country whilst also in negotiations to include her work in libraries. at home in Slovenia the book generated huge demand and positive reviews of the book started to fill her email inbox. This was an exiting and very hard earned confirmation that she was on the right path and also acted as a sign that she should try to translate book into English, enabling her to expand the book’s audience and reach those who need to hear her message most.

November 2016 – Plan to raise money for English translation on Kickstarter

When we made a calculation of the costs that will be required to translate this book into English and fulfill the necessary marketing activities, we found out that this project will need a little push, before we are able to bring this idea to fruition. This is the reason we chose Kickstarter, perhaps the foremost crowdfunding platform on the market. We started to make a plan and educate ourselves on how we can run a successful Kickstarter campaign. It took a while to learn the skills needed to begin our project. Of course, we are still learning every single day whilst working on this project. Fundraising to facilitate the progression of this project is of the utmost concern to all involved. We believe that we are an effective team which will be able to accomplish our goal. At the time of writing, our projected Kickstarter launch date is set for 1st October 2018 and we will endeavour to make this a reality

December 2018 – Finished book translation

If everything will go according to plan, we will be able to finish the translation of the book in the middle of December 2018. Our translator will need few weeks to do the best possible work, so there is nothing we can do to speed up this process. After that, the first edition of English book will be printed and send to our backers as fast as possible. This is our priority so we will do everything in our power to distribute books on time.

This was just a short description of the most important points on our road map. We have project road map published HERE, so if you want to get some more informations about what all we still have to go through before we make this project a reality, you can check a full project road map.



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