Every goal can be reached, even if it’s your highest one – happiness

Have you ever asked yourself how it would be like if nobody liked you and you were all on your own? I was there. Many nights, I fell asleep in tears, with a voice in the back of my mind that wanted so badly for all of this to end, because, in the end, I am only a 20-year-old girl who can’t do all of it on her own.

I was a simple girl with one wish only: to fit in and to be happy. Why did it have to be so hard for me and so easy for others?! With barely any will to live, I decided that I will do everything in my power to make that wish come true. I turned it into my goal. Aside from being obsessed with reaching that goal, I chose a completely wrong way that took me from one extreme to another, and pushed me further away from my goal – was that even possible? Did it really only happen to me?

It pushed me towards anorexia. Into a 9-year, painfully long journey towards a goal that was impossible to reach. Today, I am a 26-year-old girl, with a few more years on top because of my experiences. I am a girl with a story – and I believe it would be a shame if this story stays hidden in my memories. How many people are just like me? How many are going through the same problems? How many give in to this disorder? What kind of assistance do these people get? Assistance that really helps them get back on their feet?

I think they can learn plenty from a girl who battled anorexia for 9 years. I have a story that inspires, and changes lives. A story intended for all who are battling an eating disorder and those who aren’t.

Do you doubt that you can solve your own problems? My story will tell you otherwise. I learned something going through all this: life is full of ups and downs. Are you going to give up and meet your fate? Take the easy way out? It’s up to you. Believe me when I say that you are the one who needs to make the decisions about your life and your happiness. You and you alone!

It is possible to beat it. If I can do it – a simple, average girl, from a regular family, who became happy, full of life, and thirsty for new experiences, fun, and laugher – anyone can do it!

This book is meant for everybody searching for another chance – and WANTING another chance. Because I know that everybody deserves at least one more.

I admit, I wrote a simple book, written with the words of someone that is not a writer. But a book written with strong emotions and the will to improve yourself – a book about a difficult experience. But a happy ending. An ending anyone can achieve.

Every goal can be reached, even if it’s the highest one – happiness. But you shouldn’t give up, ever. If you give up, you definitely won’t reach your goal. If I had given up, this book wouldn’t exist. The book is not even important – what’s important now is my life, which wouldn’t have existed if I had given up. And your life is important. Aren’t you curious what else is out there? What surprises life has in store for you?

This doesn’t only apply to us who have or are still are battling eating disorders. This is true for all of us. My words could be useful– one way or another – for anyone. Even if you just want to read a book while lying under the hot sun.


Do you feel like you’ve started distancing yourself from everyone? Do you feel like you’re not your usual self? You always feel down and don’t see any point in all of it?

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