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What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform

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There are more than 2.000 crowdfunding platforms, on which you can find millions of different projects, trying to raise money for making their dream a reality. Kickstarter is the best crowdfunding platform out there, which helped more than 153.000 projects so far, to raise funds for creating their dream product or service.

For example, if you have an idea for creating a new flaying car, you can use Kickstarter for raising funds which you will need in the process of creating it. You have to create a video, telling people what you are trying to create, show them your prototype etc. and tell them what you will do with money, if you manage to raise it.

crowdfunding 2How Kickstarter works?

Let’s take for example my project NOTICE ME: My 9-year struggle against anorexia. I had anorexia for 9 years, I wrote a book about my story in Slovene language and now I would like to translate it into English, so many others will be able to read it. But translating and printing 500-1000 books it’s very expensive and I don’t have money needed to finish this project.

That’s why I decided to use Kickstarter, where I will present everything I’m working on, show you some pictures related to the project, I will also create a 3-5 minutes video in which you will be able to see, what I’m working on, what is my story and what will I do with founds that I’m trying to raise. I also have to set a founding goal which tells you how much money I need to raise, so I will be able to finish my project. If I calculate that I need for example 10.000$ to finish my project, I will set goal to this number. If I raise 1$ less then my goal, I will receive no founds at all. Kickstarter is all or nothing platform, but if I raise more then 10.000$ I will be allowed to keep all the money I raised.

crowdfunding 3When I launch my project on Kickstarter anyone can see it and support me if they like what I’m working on. But those are not donations. You get reward for every single dollar that you decide to give to my project. In my example, I will offer my book as reward, which means if you back my project for 15$ you will receive one paperback copy of my book. If you back my project for 25$, you will receive one signed paperback copy of my book etc.. It depends of project creator, what kind of rewards they will offer and for what price. Usually they offer products, that they are trying to develop with special discount, which is usually available just on Kickstarter.

Bottom line: on Kickstarter you buy products or services before they are actually developed. You support the idea and if project creators raises enough money to finish the project, they will have to send you rewards they promised for your pledge. If project does not raise enough money, your credit cards won’t be charged AT ALL, so you don’t have to worry about loosing your money.

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