Who is this book for?
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If you are a parent of a child, who is batteling an eating disorder, this book will help you
Do you want to know what else I remember well, among other things? This, how my mother returned from work every day with a new idea, new question, new theory or new knowledge …. about eating disorder. I have no idea how or where she even managed to find these ideas. All I know, that she was doing all this because she loved me and she wanted to help me. Just like you love your child and just like you want to help you child. Every advice will come in handy. In my book, you will find ways how to talk to your child and which things to avoid so your child won’t push you away.

If you are batteling an eating disorder yourself, and you know you want to get rid of it
If you came to the point, that you want out, you made a giant step ahead and completed the first and the hardest part. Congratulation! Now comes the second part: the battle against the disorder. And my book will help you with every step of the way.

If you deny the problem, or if you don’t know how to even call you problem
This is the point we all faced at some point. We continued with our old ways, hated everybody who did not agree with us, or worse, tried to convince us into the opposite. But they are right in some way. We just won’t admit it until we are truly free from it. My book will give you the motivation, to at least give you a chance to see the fact that you just might have a problem and that your life can be so much more than a disorder. I hope, that it just might convince you to read it, just because of the previous point.

If you are a friend to someone or know of someone who is batteling an eating disorder
I know it must be really hard. Your friend has started to push you away, you don’t have a tight connection anymore. You know something is going on, but you can’t find the right way to approach your friend. Whatever you do, they alway turn you down. By reading this book, you will find that this is not your fault, and you are not the one who is in the wrong here. You will find a way how to approach them without them pushing you further away.

To doctors and others, that are teaching or treating eating disorders
Yes, to you as well! All doctors have told me that treating an eating disorder is one of the most difficult psychiatric treatments out there. You say, that you still don’t know everything. This book goes into depth of a mind of a girl who faced her eating disorder, and it could benefit you in finding new theories. You have helped me, and as a thank you, let me help you this time.

Did I forget anyone?
If you didn’t find yourself in the descriptions listed above – this book is also meant for you! Maybe you want to read for the preventive reasons, maybe you just want to learn more about the eating disorders, or maybe you just enjoy reading. Nevertheless, I am honored that you have my book in your hands, because now I am inviting you to go ahead and read my story about anorexia and how I beat it.

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